(Un)Dressed Up / (Не)Одетые (Rocco Fallon, Next Door Buddies) [2015 г., Oral, Anal, Cum, DVD9]

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(Un)Dressed Up / (Не)Одетые

#7Год производства: 2015 г.
Страна: USA
Жанр: Hunks, Oral, Anal, Cum
Продолжительность: 03:10:25

Режиссер: Rocco Fallon
Студия: Next Door Buddies

В ролях: Cole Christiansen, Markie More, Steven, Derrick Dime, Brenner Bolton, Colt Rivers, Jeremiah Dean, Pierce Hartman, Arad

Описание: Markie More is about to marry the girl of his dreams… or maybe his nightmares! As he and his groomsmen and best friends Cole and Steven get dressed for the big day, Markie reveals his darkest secret - that he’s always wondered what it would be like to be fucked by a man. In fact, he’s not sure he’s ready to get married after all. Suddenly, this fearful fiancé is getting his tux ripped off by his muscled buddies and their wedding party turns into a wedding spitroast with the groom in the center! But Markie’s not the only bachelor going from tailored suit to birthday suit. Fresh off a new engagement, Derrick Dime is finding the costs of his wedding getting out of hand - until he strikes up a deal with florist Brenner Bolton to drop trou to drop the price. Colt Rivers grills his sister’s tall, dark and handsome suitor Jeremiah Dean, and Jeremiah’s willing to do anything - and anyone - to get into the family’s good graces. Pierce Hartman is taking in the sights at a beach resort, chief among them the gorgeous musclebound bartender Arad, who he invites back to his room for some much-needed R&R. And Cole Christiansen gets all dressed up for an interview, but finds out that pervy employer Brenner Bolton would much rather see him dress down to get the job. Hot hunks suit up and strip down in five sultry stories about getting undressed to impress. A Next Door Buddies anthology.

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Качество видео: DVD9
Формат видео: DVD Video
Видео: MPEG2 Video 720x480 (16:9) 29.97fps 6000Kbps
Аудио: Dolby AC3 48000Hz stereo 192Kbps
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