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Tylo Duran

Имя актрисы: Tylo Duran Название ролика: Tylo`s first video fuck Подсайт и сайт: ScoreHD.com (PornMegaLoad.com) / 40SomethingMag.com

Год производства: 2016 г. Жанр: MILF, Big Tits Продолжительность: 00:30:13

Having fucked on-camera for the first time in the photo set, 44-year-old MILF Tylo Duran returns to fuck on-video for the first time. What did Tylo think about her first fuck? "I loved it!" she said. "I'll never forget my first." Tylo is a hot blonde, and she was pointed in our direction by another hot blonde, Raquel Sultra. Thanks, Raquel! "She felt I would be good, so I submitted pictures," Tylo said. Tylo was good. Very good. The big load that Tony shoots all over her pretty face is proof of that. Tylo lives in Virginia. She has children. We asked her what kind of dates she likes to go on, and she said, "As long as sushi is involved, I'm up for any activity." Guess that rules out BBQs and rodeos.

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