[DFBnetwork.com] Jesica Diamond - She Is Innocent No More [2018 г., Teen, IR, Big Black Cock, Anal, 1080p]

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Jesica Diamond - She Is Innocent No More
Год производства: 2018 г.
Подсайт и сайт: DFBnetwork.com
Жанр: Teen, IR, Big Black Cock, Anal
Продолжительность: 00:28:30

Описание: Jesica Diamond is a sweet young girl, innocent and pure. Until now. Her innocence goes away once she feels Joachim's black cock in her tight white pussy. She enjoys sucking his cock, slurping it and licking his balls. She puts it in her mouth and deep-throats it like a nasty slut. She gets penetrated in both her pussy and ass, taking it like a big girl. When the black man enters her she bites her lips with pleasure and asks him to fuck her even more. She never had anal sex with a black man before but now it's the only thing she is thinking of. Joachim cums in her mouth and she swallows the jizz! A story of an innocent girl turning into a sex crazed nympho.

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