[LezCuties.com / 21sextury.com] Stasia & Inna (Another "fucked" up day for Stasia / v7261 / 05.06.10) [2010 г., Lesbian, Anal, Toys, 1080p]

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Featuring: Stasia (aka Aniya, Hannah, Ira, Linda U, Marcella, Marcella_c, Paris, Stacia, Stassia, Stasya) & Inna (aka Allysin Moore, Angelina, Elena, Elly D, Lena Blonden, Misha, Sunny, Swetik)
Название ролика: Another "fucked" up day for Stasia
Номер на сайте: v7261 / 05.06.10
Подсайт и сайт: LezCuties.com / 21sextury.com

Год производства: 2010 г.
Жанр: Lesbian, Anal, Toys
Продолжительность: 00:25:04

Описание: Stasia is suffering from time management problems. She asked Inna to come over and help arrange her calendar. But Inna had some other plans with the evening. After a brief help with the calendar she quickly changed the topic and started caressing Stasia's lovely little titties. Stasia enjoyed every moment of it and quickly forgot what they were there for and they started out with sensual kissing and continued with hot pussy- and asslicking and a dildo also popped up in their holes!

Тип HD видео: 1080p
Формат видео: MP4
Видео: MPEG4 Video (H264) 1920x1080 29.97fps
Аудио: AAC 44100Hz stereo 1411kbps

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