[SheMaleStrokers.com] Stacie Miguire - Leggy Trans Girl With A Big Hard Stick Has Your Hook Up! (21.10.2016) [Shemale solo, SD]

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Имя актрисы: Stacie Miguire

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Год производства: 2016 г.
Жанр: Shemale solo
Продолжительность: 00:33:35

Red headed delight Stacie Miguire has invited you over to talk about the party last night. You seemed to really be hitting it off with her friend, and you want to get those digits! The only catch is, Stacie has had her eye on you for a while, and her friend doesn't mess around with first timers. So here's the deal: Stacie will help hook you up with her friend, but only if you hook up with her first. And, she wants to be able to give a full fledged endorsement of your trans girl fucking skills, so you better do a good job. Why don't you pull out your dick while she slips down her top and shows you her milky, white breasts? Start stroking and get it nice and hard while she teases you like the good boy toy you are. She commands you to cum worship her body, from head to toe, so you suck on her little piggies and work your way up to her delicious nipples. Not so fast, you missed something. She tells you to go back down and smell her balls, lick them, and take both of them in your mouth. "Now, put my cock in your mouth and squeeze my titties. Spit on your fingers and rub me down here," she instructs you, "Lick from my asshole to the head of my cock." You're passing Stacie's examination with flying colors, but there is one final test--licking up all her cum. So, she straddles a sex machine and rocks back and forth on the dldo seat, bringing herself closer and closer to orgasm. Her lady stick drools in anticipation, as the device practically milks her, and she shoots multiple streams of white, creamy goo for you to gobble up.

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