[SofiaSaint.com] Sofia Saint (36 роликов) [2010-2011 г., Solo, Teen, All sex, Lesbian]

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Sofia Saint (36 роликов)

Год производства: 2010-2011 г.
Подсайт и сайт: SofiaSaint.com

Жанр: Solo, Teen, All sex, Lesbian

Hey! My name is Sofia and on your average girl who just loves to have fun and modeling!
I just turned 19 years old and thought this would be realy fun! And it is, I LOVE having my pictures taken!
I really get off knowing you are watching my personal life and enjoying it!
I have packed my site with some of the best stuff and hope you enjoy it!
I want to get to know you better so come inside and let me know what you think!

Age: 19
Location: Miami, FL
Status: Single
Birthday: January 10
Occupation: Model/Student
Bust: 34 C (all nautral)
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual
Tattoos/Tats: None
Turn Ons: Great personality, good looks, humor, loyality
Turn Offs: Laziness, flakey, moodiness

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