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Имя актрисы: Ryanne
Подсайт и сайт: ExploitedCollegeGirls.com

Год производства: 2016 г.
Жанр: Anal, Deep Throat, Sex Toys, Casting, Amateur, POV, All Sex
Продолжительность: 01:08:59

This week we were lucky enough to get leggy, blonde, anal sex loving Ryanne to take time off from her graduate studies in rocket science to visit us for a shoot. It turns out that concentrating on thrust vectors and upper atmospheric aerodynamics is, like, really hard when you are as horny as Ryanne is. Fortunately, for the benefit of our nation's aerospace sector, Jay comes to the rescue to provide Ryanne with plenty of mind calming anal and vaginal pounding.

Yes; the tall, blonde, blue eyed babe is a bit of a cliche. But as this week's update opens and you see Ryanne's electric eyes, blonde mane (well "blonde" but...), long legs and perky, gravity defying tits you'll be forced to admit that some cliches exist because they are true. And when you hear the way this girl talks when her clothes come off and her legs are in the air, you know this is a girl you flat out want to beat your dick to.

Sensing that Ryanne is up for just about anything he can image, Jay gets things started with a toy and before long has Ryanne moaning and panting as he fills her pussy and ass at the same time. After taking a break for a very sloppy blowjob, he throws her pale ass over the edge of the bed and gives her what she wants: the D. This girl is definitely a horndog, as soon as she gets that dick inside her, you would not believe how she responds. We MAY have had a girl that talked this dirty, but it's hard to think of anyone else after watching this blonde sex doll.

Jay is just as captivated, not so much by Ryanne's dirty talk, but by her tight, pink butthole, which he spends the majority of the shoot fucking like it's the last time he's ever going to get his wet. Really, this is what we love about our man Jay. This girl has a textbook perfect, tight pink pussy and he practically ignores it to stretch out her balloon knot for 45 minutes and then cum in her mouth. The word "hero" might not exactly be appropriate, but it'll do.

So, that's Ryanne. This month's blonde bombshell of sexual energy. One thing we noticed, and you surely did as well was how many times she INSISTED that this was her very first time ever on camera and that she's NEVER, EVER done this before. Now, she could be telling the truth, but you all saw that she very clearly has a vagina which means that she's definitely a woman and when a woman tells you something five times after you've only asked her once, experience might tell you that she's trying to convince you of something that might not be entirely, what's the word? True? Factual? Based in reality? So, super fans, cumshot connoisseurs and porn sleuths, is Ryanne really a first timer?

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