[MormonBoyz.com] Elder Ricci & Elder Sorensen - The Informant (Bareback) (04.05.2016, 1080p)

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Elder Ricci is on a special assignment with Elder Sorensen. As he gets to know the other boy, he is won over by the boy’s irresistible charm and cute face.
But he can’t help feeling that Elder Sorensen is the kind of kid he would never have been friends with in high school: focused on extracurricular life, captain of the swim team, one of the cool kids. Elder Ricci had worked hard to be valedictorian, and although he was plenty popular, he had never really wanted to be distracted by the cool kids.
But here on the mission, thrown into close quarters, Elder Ricci finds that Elder Sorensen and he have more in common than he would have imagined — including an intense desire to bone each other.
And he can tell that Elder Sorensen is into it too, maybe too much.
Where Ricci would wait until the two could be sure they wouldn’t get caught, Sorensen is reckless, and he convinces Ricci to have sex with him at a member’s house.
What Elder Ricci doesn’t know is that Sorensen’s boldness is explained, in part, by his having been sent by The Order to check in with Elder Ricci and gauge his interest in joining the ranks of their secretive sex cult.
When they pull into the garage in the mission home, Elder Ricci is surprised that Elder Sorensen wants to fuck again.
But like all sexually repressed boys, Ricci’s libido is off the charts.
What makes sex with Elder Sorensen extra hot is that when Ricci fucks him, he’s also thinking about what a slut Sorensen is, and working out his emotions toward the cute boy, who he imagines can get any dick he wants.
Sorensen doesn’t know any of that, but he does know that having Ricci’s massive cock in his ass feels like heaven.
When Sorensen feels the huge tool pulsing in his tight hole, he knows he’s about to get a giant load all over his hairless asshole.

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