Michael Lachlan: Raw Aussie Stud / Майкл Локлан: простой австралийский жеребец (Michael Lucas, Lucas Entertainment) [2015 г., Kissing, Oral, Rimming, Anal, Bareback, Trio, DVDRip]

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Michael Lachlan: Raw Aussie Stud / Майкл Локлан: простой австралийский жеребец

Год производства: 2015 г.
Страна: USA
Жанр: Kissing, Oral, Rimming, Anal, Bareback, Trio
Продолжительность: 02:28:39

Режиссер: Michael Lucas
Студия: Lucas Entertainment

В ролях: Michael Lachlan, Dmitry Osten, Dylan James, Logan Rogue, Tomas Brand

Описание: Michael Lachlan: Raw Aussie Stud marks the return of one of Lucas Entertainment's sexiest international models. He meets his match when he jumps into bed with Dylan James, who can give it to Michael just as hard as he can take it. Michael’s stardom further earns him two separate one-on-one encounters with gay porn’s power couple Tomas Brand and Logan Rogue. Afterward, Dylan and Logan return for seconds, shooting their raw loads with Dmitry Osten.

Logan Rogue and Tomas Brand are one of the most recognizable couples in the gay porn industry: Logan’s softer good looks offset Tomas’ sternly sexy appearance. But here in this scene one of the first noticeable elements are Logan and Michael’s similar features. They’re both fairer and of the same build; you could even say they’re equally matched. And their chemistry is evident from the beginning: all of Michael’s smiles and laughs let us know he’s going to enjoy the sucking and fucking that’s to come. Michael fucks Logan bareback, but Logan takes it up a notch and by the end pounds Michael.

Tomas Brand sure looks like he’s enjoying Michael’s pecs. And then there’s Michael’s smiles - just like with Logan, he’s now getting his shot with the other half of porn’s power couple and he loves every minute of it. There’s an incredibly sensual embrace between the two men, proving why Tomas and Michael are two of the best porn stars out there. After plenty of sucking, Tomas is the first to take raw cock, and Michael doesn’t hold back. But let’s face it, Michael sometimes is most comfortable on his back, and Tomas is more than happy to take advantage of that desire with a raw and rough pounding. This could be Michael’s best performance; the action says it all.

Question: Can Dylan James, Logan, or Dmitry Osten ever get enough bareback action? Answer: Nope. In his first scene Dmitry Osten was with two guys (Tomas Brand and Rocco Steele) and in his second he finds himself in the same situation, but this time it’s with Tomas’ partner Logan and Dylan. It’s apparent now that Dmitry is going to be a go-to needy bottom. That’s not said lightly: you'll see him get double-teamed bareback. Dylan pounds the hell out of Dmitry (this isn’t porn hyperbole) until he shoots his raw load.

Michael was one of the first breakthrough performers when the studio went bareback, and he’s been sorely missed since his last scene debuted. But he’s now come out of retirement, and we like to think it has something to do with all-around macho hunk Dylan James. Both guys love sex and embrace their versatility: giving and receiving raw oral and anal sex is something they both can’t get enough of, and none of that enthusiasm is lost in this scene. But if you think we're going to give away all of the details, you’re wrong. You’re going to have to watch it to see what these two are capable of together

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