Daddy's Dirty Girls 2 / Папины Грязные Девочки 2 (Desperate Pleasures) [2016., Older Men, Teens, WEBRip]

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Год выхода: 2016
Страна: USA
Студия: Desperate Pleasures
Жанр: Older Men, Teens
Продолжительность: 02:01:53

В ролях: Pocahontas Jones, Lolita Bella Star, Akira Shell, Alyssa Bradyn, Charlene Liana, Jessie Sunshine, Kimmy Lee, Vanessa Luna, Jessi Grey

Описание: This collection includes some first timer interviews, naughty maids and even a school teacher impregnation fantasy. Pocahontas Jones Pocahontas felt like dressing up as a maid for some kinky role play. Walking around the bed in that outfit she teased me, until she took my cock in her mouth and deep throated me. She was dripping wet, when I finally slid my cock into her pussy. I fucked her for quite awhile and she came several times! Vanessa Luna I was in my office and my hormones went into overdrive. I called in another professor I knew had the hots for me and practically begged him to get me pregnant It wasn't hard to convince him and soon I was sucking his cock while he fingered my pussy. I came while I sucked his cock then he bent me over the desk and mounted me from behind. He fucked me hard and then flipped me over to really pound my pussy. I begged him to cum inside me but he pulled out and came all over my stomach. I guess well have to try again soon. Lexi Lee took a job as a maid for a fetish producer. She discovers she's intrigued by his tickling fetish. After she found a few hot tickle sex clips she knew she had to get his attention. One afternoon while she is cleaning she lets it slip how curious she is. Not one to deny a hot girls needs he makes her show him what she is willing to do. Jessi Grey went through a life changing experience and when it was over this sexy tiny girl decided she wanted to get kinky on camera at least once. After a brief interview it become apparent that tiny Jessi loves sucking my cock while I finger her pussy. Once she's warmed up she climbed on my lap like I was Santa at Christmas. Jessi Rode me for a bit then begged me to take control. I Fucked her til she came and then got ready for her Taboo Diaries debut... Jessi is a perfect Daddy's Girl!!

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Аудио: AAC 44100Hz stereo [Audio]

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