[BratPrincess.us / Clips4sale.com] Alexa Rydell, Harley (TENS Limit Tested While Facesat And Milked) [2016 г., Femdom, Face Sitting, Bondage, High Heels, Electric Play, Milking Machine, 1080p]

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Сообщение sergei77 » 19 окт 2016, 13:04

Имя актрисы: Alexa Rydell, Harley
Название ролика: TENS Limit Tested While Facesat And Milked
Сайт: Clips4sale.com

Год производства: 2016 г.
Жанр: Femdom, Face Sitting, Bondage, High Heels, Electric Play, Milking Machine
Продолжительность: 00:18:18

Описание: Alexa and Harley want to test this male’s limit with the TENS unit. The male is restrained
in the bondage chair, and the TENS electrodes are attached to its balls. Harley sits on the male’s face
while Alexa turns up the voltage. The milking machine pumps up and down on the cock while Alexa shocks
the testicles. They start the shocks at level one, but they want to get to the highest level, ten. This male
really hates pain and has almost no tolerance. The teasers are hoping to increase its acceptance of pain
by combining sensations it doesn’t like with his known fetish for facesitting. Ready or not, Alexa and Harley
tease the male until they gradually get it to accept level ten, the strongest current produced by the unit.

Тип HD видео: 1080p
Формат видео: WMV
Видео: Windows Media Video 9, 1920x1080, 29.97fps, 9839kbps
Аудио: WMA 2, 44100Hz, stereo, 322kbps

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